Excotramed S.P.R.L::Presentation

The market: 

EXCOTRAMED SPRL can supply in any place in the world. This is only possible with a strong commercial base and a full knowledge of the medical field.
Our success repose on our detailed know how and specific knowledge of the market. This allow us to make dedicated offer to each country of the world.
Ministries of health, International Organisations, Hospital, NGO, … appraise the products distribute by Excotramed.
We propose a dedicated technical assistance on each individual situation and allow our representative to develop their own market.

To become a customer of Excotramed, you will master your provisioning and profit of the servicing.

The products: 

We can offer practically all the products who covert the daily need of a hospital, dispensary or any health organisation.

  • Single use articles
    gloves, cotton wool, sticking plaster, dressing, syringes and needles, swabs, catheters, sutures, plaster of Paris, perfusions set, suture,..........
  • Instrumentation
    surgical instruments, scissor, forceps, ..., complete set (gyneco, suture, first aid, surgical specialties, ...
  • Furniture
    operating table, general furniture, lighting, beds, cabinet, couch, delivery bed, trolley, ..
  • Inox material
    instrument trays, drums, kidney trays, bin, ....
  • Small medical equipment
    sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, otoscope, scales, sterilizer, autoclaves, suction pump, ECG unit, ...
  • Material and products for laboratories
    microscopes, glasses, reactifs, ....
  • Material for veterinary
    instrumentation, sutures, .....
  • Material and products for dentist
    instrumentations, products, films, full dentist installation.
  • Material for radiology
    from the small RX installation to the sophisticated multi functional table, dark room, products, films, ....

The company: 

The rapid decision are at the base of our activity.
Our organisation take care of that imperative by using short way of report and decision.
The direction is helped by competence persons and external consultant for specific studies.
We can help you, plan and then follow each project to its successful completion.
Our permanent stock guarantee a continuous disponibility and a rapid delivery of our products.

Our commercial address is

Avenue Gouverneur Bovesse n°1,1 er étage
B-5100 Jambes

Phone :

+ 00 32 (0)497 74 05 30

Fax :

+ 00 33 972 13 45 21





Bank :


V.A.T. :


Complimentary services: 

  • Study office 
    Our staff work to make your project attractive as well functional. Experts can help you with proper choice of equipment.
  • After sale service
    Specialized engineer are available from Belgium and in some countries where Excotramed have a technical structure.

    We have particular contact with our suppliers and can propose maintenance contract. .


  • In Africa:
    supplying and installation of all the equipment at "l'Hôpital de Goma (RDC)"
    supplying and installation of equipment at "l'Hôpital de Mama Yemo (RDC)"
    regular supplying for 15 years at "l'Hôpital de Kwilu-Ngongo (RDC)"
    supplying and installation of RX systems at "la Banque Commerciale Zaïroise (RDC)"
    supplying and installation of medical equipment at "la Clinique Bon Accueil (RDC)"
    supplying and installation of 13 RX systems at "la SNCZ (Zaïre)"
    regular supplying at the Ministry of Health in Rwanda and Burundi
    regular supplying at Universities Hospital in Rwanda.
    won several tenders in Mali, Thad, Senegal, Tanzania, Guinea, Congo, ...

  • In Europe: 
    regular supplying to United Nations
    Belgian and French Red Cross
    Foundation "Père Damien"
    International Foundation in Brussels
    NGO, ......

    supplying to many regular Europeans resellers and to our official agent in the world

The person's: 

Mister Scaut Roland, industrial engineer, and strong with many international stages to suppliers as :

Fukuda - Japan
Datascope - USA
MBB - Germanye
Engström - Sweden
Simonsen & Weel - Denmark
Ivac - USA
Sonicaid - UK,
Milcare - France
Medi-soft - Belgium

is the manager and owner of the company EXCOTRAMED SPRL.

Since 1978, he has worked in the Medical field. He made his first steps in the two biggest Belgian company in distribution of medical devices. Then after 15 years of learning, he started a new business EXCOTRAMED SPRL in 1993.

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